Luis Haza

Violinist Luis Haza Promotes Causes of Freedom and Human Rights 

About Luis Haza

Since his father's death at the hands of Fidel Castro in Cuba without a trial, Luis Haza has remained dedicated to speaking out for freedom and human rights. He immigrated to the United States and involved himself in television and radio broadcasts to Cuba and across Latin America with stations such as Univision, La Voz del CID Radio, and Voice of America Europe. A supporter of the non-partisan organization known as the Valladares Foundation, named after human rights activist Armando Valladares, Luis Haza headed a fundraiser gala titled A Celebration of Freedom to benefit the foundation.

Alongside his philanthropic work, Luis Haza has spent 35 years performing as a violinist with the National Symphony Orchestra. He also has conducted orchestras across the world, including the London Symphony Orchestra, the MasterWorks Festival Orchestra, the ASAPH Ensemble, and national orchestras in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Panama.

Recently, Luis Haza accepted his current position with the Coastal Youth Symphony of Georgia. Having traveled across the country to teach and offer workshops and master classes, he continues to encourage public schools to offer their students a good education in art and music. 

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