Ar drone flying

for school I will be flying a drone, #kimptonSTEM7 #drone #P8   I chose this because I thought it would be cool to fly a drone because not everyone gets to fly a drone everyday,I want to learn how to make the drone do a flip midair and how to use google maps flying.I think it would be cool to be a pilot and fly around the world.

Entry 2


I plan on learning how to hook my phone up to my drone by watching videos on how to fly the drone. I found a good channel for it called ardrone flying.

entry 3

to hook my phone up I need to turn on the drone and use my phone to connect to the drones wifi and after I connect to the wifi i'll have to open the app and click on pilot drone, to pilot the drone you need to select where your flying and what hull your using as you fly your drone,to take off there is a takeoff button that will lift it off the ground to land there is also a land button that will lower the drone.the button on the right can rotate the drone or lower or raise the fly forward you have to tilt your phone and push the button on the left it is the same for reverse just tilt it backwards,to record my flights I will press a record button in the top corner and to view them I will go into the free flight 2.0 app or if I want to record on a usb I will plug one into the drone pre-flight.

entry 4

today I watched how to use the gps to use I make the drone takeoff and then click a spot on the map I then set the height and speed then click go once it has reached its destination you can click home and it will return to you,it knows when you tilt your phone because the accelerometer sends wifi signals to the drone on which way the phone is tilted,I flew the drone today but I crashed twice and I forgot to allow photo access so I don't have any photos today.

Entry 5

Today I learned about absolute control were no matter which direction the drone is facing it goes the direction you tilt your device which I think will help me steer the drone better without crashes.When your drone crashes I learned about rescue mode where  if the drone is stuck you can click rescue mode were the drone will turn on random roeters to try to get loose.


I have trouble controlling the drone so today I will use absolute control to fly the drone this will make the dron go were I point my phone no matter what I can explain later

Entry 7

I already typed about how the drone knows where you tilt your phone but now I will type about how they fitt them inside phones,To fit them inside phones they use micro electrical mechanical systems small enough to fit on pin heads Instead of a conventional one with three wheels this on senses vibrations from a change in direction.

this is me flying the drone infront of school

Entry 8

Today I flew and had a pretty bad crash in front of study hall. Anyways I will be talking about how to repair a drone rotor (I didnt break this one) a way to fix the central cross arm would be to take zip ties and tie them to the other side.


well because are central cross is not broken we need to replace the whole compartment so I will be talking about how to remove a central cross.First I would have to remove the plastic cover and disconnect the ribbon connections to remove the circuit board then under the circuit board there will be lots of wires once those are removed you will want to remove the sticky pads on the side keeping the beams in place then you can pull the foam parts away and lift the beams out.

entry 10

today i will be looking at other drones compared to our parrot drone

Entry 11

today I will go on to look at drones

I saw a link to a drone called a phantom fc40 that cost 649$ it has a nice 720 pixel camera the same  as the parrot and cy phy it also has 10-15  mins of flight time,I think we should get the cyphy it has long flight time,lightwieght,low cost,and a okay camera.

Entry 12

Today for extra durability today we will put on the zip tie mod by attaching one zip tie to the foot of the drone into the slit on the drone were it will act as a  spring to catch the drone when it falls and hits the ground.

entry 13

today I am going to search for new mods I will write what I find today possibly tommorow. A youtube channel called ardroneshow has some cool mods on thier drone  I think we should put some mods on like thiers.

Entry 14

another mod we could put on the drone is hog tie zip mod where you put 3 zip ties on the leg,or we could use the central cross zip tie that stops the central cross from breaking.We could also put in a new battery for longer flight time.

entry 15

we could increase wifi range by buying a modified motherboard  and using a zip tie ,antenne,wheel,and a tube. you plug the anttene into the new motherboard remove the old one install the new one and run the anttene up the tube with the wheel ontop and connect to the drone with the zip tie.It can increase wifi range by up to 35 - 50%.

well we have are zip ties on and I think that pretty soon we are going to learn to fly using the gps. / I have also looked at a drone called the sprite it cost 1,249 dollars for the same compatibility as a advanced dji phantom three that cost 1099 dollars.I also saw a drone called the nano tornado that has air ducts instead of propellers.It also can bounce off walls,be thrown in the air, and caught.

Entry 16

Im now going to learn how to fly without absolute for more of a challenge.I have a video but it wont upload and class is over i'll have to upload it to youtube then here


my project worked good except because of the broken central cross I wasn't able to get my flip done or get to fly using the gps.

entry 18

This is my last entry. I learned that drones are harder to fly than I thought,how to do more research before i just go and do something like in this case flying, to always carefully fly the drone and look for air vents, and that you should always keep making something better like when we put the mods on the drone.

My project was a success because we flew the drone step by step and we were very careful about vents and making sure we did the process right.

I thought my project was great but because of a set back we couldn't do some stuff like the gps or flips.

I thought that this project was fun and that I might want a drone of my own,and that it would also be cool to have a job working with robots

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2 years ago

I like it! Sorry your drone crashed. I would capitalize your i's lol

2 years ago

This sounds like a fun way to learn. You do have some big run on sentences, though!

2 years ago

I like your photos and video. Great information!

2 years ago

AMAZING job Lucas😄

2 years ago

This looks sooo coool lukas

2 years ago

Great job Lukas! I hope you had fun doing this.