Take Action to Cure Ebola


By: Luke

  Hey man! have you heard about the outbreak of Ebola. Well of course I did hear about the outbreak it's all over the news. It's spreading like crazy. Well of course the virus is spreading like crazy the people in West Africa are afraid to report or go outside. So if their family members have Ebola they probably don't know.

  Just how is Ebola Spreading? Well I really don't know man I think virus is spreading by contact to a person win the virus. Well is there a short term way to cure it? Why I think the CDC has found a way to get rid of the virus. The CDC has brought a doctor that had Ebola and survived the virus to give his blood to patients with Ebola. The  antibodies that survived the virus will fight of his blood.  I hope this will help?

By: Isaac

Everyday, I put on the plastic, the goggles, and the rubber gloves. I leave from wherever I can sleep because my family has abandoned me. I work hard all day while people yell at me, I'm a burial worker for Ebola cases. I sweat in the hot plastic because if I touch a body I am very likely to get the virus. I volunteer because there is no one else to do it. I see bodies after bodies thrown into a deep hole, painstakingly dug by hand. I do it to save a village, a village that does not know better.

All I can hear is the people screaming in my ear as they want a traditional burial for their loved one, but is too dangerous and potentially deadly for the whole village. They don't understand, and I try to explain but it doesn't help. This is not the worst part either, my family has disowned me as they think I am a risk for the virus. I don't know if I can do it any longer, but I know if I don't the virus will spread even more.

Everyday I see the terrible things I bury several bodies a day, for every body I must disinfect the house they lived in or anything they may have touched. I find that the worst part of the job. All I think about when I do it is his family and how they have to live without him in the house.

Some of you ask why I do it, why would I do my job if nobody appreciates me, but worse despise me for it. I do it to protect the place I love the place I grew up in and I want my future generations to live like I did, in a city alive and vibrant, not stricken by viruses. So I will continue to bury the victims of Ebola, I will do it until I save my town.

By: Jonathan

Daddy daddy quit throwing up. As I stare at the blood on the floor in the reflection I see my son. I look at him and then in my mind a strain my throat and tell my wife to call the doctors. As I lay on the bed by myself, knowing I can't touch any of my family members of they will surely go through the pain i'm going through right. I hear a car in the distance and I know they are coming.

As I stand, I can see these two people. They are wearing clothing which seem to be space suits as they approach me. I get in their car and they transport me to their facility. As I'm walking to the tent I am assigned I see the scientists carrying a dead corps. Then and there I have second thoughts. As the days pass by I get worse. I now know that I will die soon. So I write a letter with my last will of life to my family.  

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