Rhett's Financial Project

      The information I found out about the person I interviewed was we have to fill our needs first.Plus we still have wants in our budget.Also we spend a lot of money.

       The career I choose was to be a Doctor.I choose that because they earn a lot of money.I also choose that because I can help people.

       My career affected my choice because it let me spend more money on home,car,and other expences.So I got a large house.I also got a Ford Mustang.

       I did create a balanced spreadsheet the first time. Actually I got to spend more.Yet I still have $142 left.

       Creating a spreadsheet changes my view by saying change counts.Plus it tells me how much I should value money.Also you need to save.

       Creating the spreadsheet prepares me by telling me money makes the world go 'round. It also helps by telling me how to prepare.Plus it readies me for my struggles