Enjoy the Fun of Lunar Poker Today!

With poker drawing big crowds at casinos, it sometimes can be hard to get a table to enjoy a round of the Lunar Poker game. With its easy rules and new ways of winning, the game has been a huge success for casinos and players alike, and promises to be a major draw for poker and gaming enthusiasts around the world for many years to come.

Lunar Poker has several key attractive features that not only grab the player’s attention, but that keep them at the table for hours on end. The game’s appeal lies in its four major components, which include:

Easy and fun to play draw poker that pits the player against the House

An attractive House Advantage that is under a staggering 2.4%

The Instant Cash Payout Feature that includes 1000-1 to 1500-1 and 250-1 to 500-1 for first 5 card Royal Flush and Straight Flush, respectively, depending on the preference of the Casino Operator

The possibility of Dealer pay outs on two combination s in just one Poker Hand

Lunar Poker also includes a range of multi-player options that affords the player the chance to place a variety of SUPER bests at the beginning of each new poker round, as well as the opportunity to draw new cards in order to enhance the quality of their hand against the dealer.

An easy game to play, even amongst the most inexperienced of gamers and poker players, Lunar Poker provides what can become hours of fun, excitement and winning to anyone.

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