Dining Rules in Egypt

by: Ryan and Julia, East, 4/23/14

this is a map of egypt

6 of the dining rules for Egypt are

1.No pork   2.You can't refill your own drink, a neighbor has to    3. Before your meal you say sahtain or bismillah 4.No eating with left hand 5. Don't pass food with left hand  6. ou can't leave the meal early                                                                                                                                                             

Reflection: One thing we found surprising was that your not allowed to eat or pass food  with your left hand. They are different from the USA because hear we eat pork but in Egypt they do not. Also, hear we refill are own drink and Egypt your drink is refilled by your host or someone sitting next to you.  It's important to know the etiquette rules before you travel there because you will be considered rude, disgusting, and you may possibly be kicked out if a resteraunt!   

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