Sahara Desert

Dorcas Gazelle

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is located in the northern portion of africa and covers over 3,500,00 spuare miles. It is the worlds largest hot desert and one of the harshest envionments for humans and animals that arn't used to that environment.

Dorcas Gazelle - It's Features of the enviroment

They arn't bothered by the very hot weather they are well suited to live there, They also don't need water they take the moisture from the plants they eat.

Dorcas Gazelle - What is It's Diet

It's Diet consist of Leaves, Flowers, Pods of and Acacian Tree and various bushes. It's a weird diet but it keeps the animal alive!

Dorcas Gazelle - How They Work

They have long legs to run away from pray or when they feel thretend and light brown legs to hide in the long dead grass. When they do feel thretend they let out an alarm to other dorcases to say there in danager.

What Would Happens if Its Condition that it adapted to changed

The Dorcas will likely not survive beucase it is so used to its food and Climate there it will not have it normal food and it would be colder so it would probaly die of starvation or die because it body is to cold.

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