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Some Apps and tools for mobile learning

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PollEverywhere is an app that can be used in a large variety of ways in the classroom. It allows for teachers to easily create a poll question and have students either select from the pre-created options, or have students send in their own short answers and suggestions.

For example, in a Social Studies class, teachers can create a multiple choice review using PollEverywhere to test students on their knowledge of the content.


Easy screen capture recording that students can use on any computer. Students can use this application to make their own informative video, such as when doing a science project and projecting a video and images on the particular topic. Teachers can also use this to create a mobile lesson that students can access repeatedly outside of the classroom.

For example, students given the topic of carnivores in a Science class can be told to select an animal and create a screencast with relevant information, video, and images.

Comic & Meme Creator

This app allow students to create fun and innovative comics on any topic. This can be used in occasions where teachers want a way to allow students to present their knowledge in a creative way, such as creating a comic with their knowledge of the literary device symbolism.

For example, students can be asked to create a creative project featuring their own perspectives of a particular character in a book they've read in English class.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

This movie creator app allows for students to utilize the camera function of their mobile devices and incorporate their videos and photos with music into a cohesive and innovative movie that demonstrates their creativity and knowledge on a particular topic.

For example, students can be asked to create a modern rendition of a Shakespeare play in English class, which can be filmed then edited with this app.


While not a direct app for education, this application works as both an easily accessible storage for written information, videos, and photos, as well as a handy to-do list, functioning as an easy-to-use agenda. In a class, all students can be encouraged to use this app to keep organized and on top of their assignments.

Students can use this app as their personal agenda, and teachers can give students five minutes at the end of class to update their Evernote with any notes and assignments that they have to remember for the next day.

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