Don't Be Dark! Be Bright! Be Neon!

Are you moving to a different planet? Don't know what to pack?
You should take Neon with you! Check out why below.

What is neon?

This noble gas has very important properties,which is why it's so special.  You can use it glow lamps, light tubes, signs, lasers, television tubes and more!

Where is it found?

Neon can be found in the atmosphere, in the ocean, in the earths crust,in many meteorites.Neon is very bright, that's why people use it a lot to grab attention.


Simple,light. If your in the darkest part of the planet your moving to, just take out neon and fill the whole place with light. You could even use it for protection. I some creature is trying to attack you, you just have to take out neon and your worries will vanish.




Neutrons: 10

Boiling point:-246 C

Melting point:-249 C

Valance electrons: 18

I am found in period 2 group 18

Chemical properties: Its naturally colorless, but glows reddish orange in an electric discharge which is why it is commonly used in signs.

Physical properties: colorless, odorless, tasteless gas.

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