Josh Jambon: Reasons To Be More Charitable

Josh Jambon is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has dedicated himself to doing whatever he can to help others live happier lives. As a member of the Knights of Columbus, he commits to a number of charitable endeavors and volunteers some of his time each year to the organization’s efforts. “If I can help families achieve what they are looking for I will bring them on,” he says in reference to his charitable efforts. However, there are many who see little reason to donate their time or resources to charity. The following are some of the key reasons why you should.

Learning More About Others

It is hard to truly understand a situation if you don’t have first-hand experience of how it can affect others. While literature and other information can help you get an idea, it is often through volunteering your time and meeting the people who you hope to help with your efforts that you will gain a greater understanding of how various social ills actually impact the lives of others. This offers you a more informed view of the world and, as importantly, spurs you on to consider what you can do about it.

Your Career

While the desire to help others should be the driving factor in donating to charity, else your motivation may begin to wane, doing so can also help you in your career. Dedicating yourself to a charitable cause shows employers that you bring passion and enthusiasm into what you do, while also demonstrating initiative.

Setting An Example

As a business owner, Josh Jambon aims to help those in his company develop by setting a good example of what an entrepreneur should be. This attitude can also be taken into your charity work, as by doing it you create an example for others to follow.