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Health and fitness company Luv2Sweat LLC, located in Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley, designed and distributes the revolutionary posture-improving workout tool, the Neck Saver-Ab Isolator. An affordable, simple solution to reducing improper exercise movements that lead to back and neck strains, the Luv2Sweat Neck Saver-Ab Isolator keeps the neck supported and aligned with the upper body, thus creating greater stability and ensuring better results from workouts. Emergency room nurse Sandra Yewdall founded Luv2Sweat LLC and invented the patented Neck Saver-Ab Isolator based upon her own experience in the healthcare sector.
Available through the Luv2Sweat LLC e-store, located online at, the Neck Saver-Ab Isolator allows individuals of many different fitness levels to increase stability and balance while working out, which in turn leads to greater core strength. A strong core reduces the risk of back injuries and improves posture, which results in a healthier self-image and increased self-esteem. Easy to operate, portable, and lightweight, the Luv2Sweat Neck Saver-Ab Isolator can be incorporated into numerous abdominal exercises and, over time, promote a tighter, toned midsection. Plus, the device also works as an aid for stretching, Pilates, and yoga.
Entrepreneur Sandra Yewdall established Luv2Sweat LLC with the vision of creating a unique fitness equipment and fashionable fitness clothing provider. In addition to marketing and selling the Luv2Sweat Neck Saver-Ab Isolator, Ms. Yewdall also offers a variety of stylish t-shirts, hoodie sweatshirts, and yoga pants through her e-store. Outside of running Luv2Sweat LLC, Ms. Yewdall works as a Certified Emergency Nurse at Nazareth Hospital in southeastern Pennsylvania, where she provides care for individuals of all ages, from newborn infants to geriatric patients. She also holds a certified personal trainer’s license with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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