Interplanetary Space Commission



- Name: Leonard

- Age: Earth:12 Uranus:0.14

- Weight: Earth:100 Uranus:88.9

- Origin: Uranus/Gas giant

Basic Facts

- Uranus is 7th

- Uranus: 27 moons/ Five moons are large and the rest are much smaller. Titania is the biggest moon. Ariel is the brightest moon and is covered with canyons and valleys.

A Day In The Life Page

- Revolves: MPH: 15,290 KPH: 24,607

- Rotate: 17.2 Earth hours

- Length: Day/17h. 14m. Year/84Earth y.

- Size: M: 15,759 K: 25,362

Interesting Facts

It is the coldest planet in the solar system. Uranus is turned over on its side. Summer on Uranus is one long day- 42 years. Uranus is the second least dense planet. Uranus has rings, 10 in fact.

Description Of Alien

It is like a manta-ray and manta-rays like deep cold waters and deep cold waters are like Uranus, COLD. My alien also has lights around its body because Uranus is so far away from the sun. It also has a metallic color for camouflage. It has a smooth flat bottom for the stomach so it can glide since Uranus is a gas giant.



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3 years ago

Great job Walker. I love the kite.

3 years ago

like your project, but i'm confused on your alien.