Ancient Egypt

By, Harrison Rauh

stable food suply

The Egyptians had big supply of water for their crops. The water came from the Nile River. They dug canals to run water to their crops. The Egyptians also built a water wheel that kept the canals full of water. They caught fish and hunted water birds. They baked bread and had fruit to eat. On their farms they grew wheat and barley.

religious beliefs

The Egyptians believe in many gods. Ra was the god of creation. They believed that Ra can create the world. Anubis was the god of funerals and death. He was thought to protect the dead. Osiris was killed by his brother Seth who wanted to take his place as king. He is the god of the underworld. Horus is the god of the sky. Horus lost his eye while fighting Seth because Seth killed his father Osiris. Horus was believed to bring power to each pharaoh. Egyptians believed in an afterlife. the RELIGIOUS BELIEFS WERE IMPORTANT TO THE Egyptians BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED THAT WHEN THE PHARAOHS DIED THEY WOULD TURN INTO THE GOD OSIRIS.

social structure

The Egyptian social structure is described by a pyramid. the pyramid shows the positions of social classes according to their status in society. As you get farther down the pyramid the number of people grow in each social class.

the arts

the Egyptians made many things. they made jewelry and furniture. They painted pictures of Egyptian daily life. the Egyptians built tombs to honor and preserve the dead. they built temples and royal tombs. They built huge pyramids. Peasants sang songs while they worked in the fields. there would sometimes be musicians playing music in the fields while they worked. they also built a statue named the Sphinx.

system of government

Ancient Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh's. Some pharaoh's are Khufu, Senusret, Hatshepsut and ramses II. Khufu built a famous pyramid. Sensuret flourished art, literature, and architecture. Hatshepsut was the first female pharaoh. under her rule Egyptian art, and archiecture flourished. Rameses II is best known for his military leadership and for building numerous monuments.

Advances in Technology

The Egyptians had great technology. they had water wheels to keep their canals full of water, shoes to protect their feet and built massive temples. the Egyptians also built pyramids, came up with some games, and built buildings.

Written Launguage

Hieroglyphics are symbols used for writing. hieroglyphics was written by scribes. Scribes wrote it on papyrus with a reed pen. there is over 700 hieroglyphic symbols. students learned a more simple form of writing. we learned how to read hieroglyphics when the Rosetta Stone was discovered.

connection #1

Just like Ancient Egypt today water is still a important resource.

connection #2

Like in Ancient Egypt we rely on farmers to grow the food we need to survive.

connection #3

Today we use writing to communicate, spread news, and write stories. Ancient Egyptians did the same.

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