Bring your English to life

Two Orixe school teachers in Inari,Lapland during the Midnight Summer Course 2011.

At that time we enjoyed the 24-hour daylight while we were following a course on ICT . Thanks to that course we could develop a great command of the eJournal Web tool , which we are already implementing in our Comenius exchange project with the Dutch school Sint Ursula.

Reindeers grazing

Finally caught on film.

  The elusive giant squid has been finally caught on film, for the first time ever, after a mission in the Pacific Ocean including 400 hours in the abyss, more than 100 sub dives, at depths of 3,000 ft. with crews of scientists, engineers, technicians, and submarine pilots.

Hurricane Sandy damage

Hurricane Sandy hit New York hard flooding some parts in lower Manhattan.

Cabs flooded in a parking lot.

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