Pax et aequalitate

                                                        Peace And Equality

The flag and its symbols represent stability, balance and strength.

Constitution of Zaluna

                                                              Article 1

The name of this country will be Zaluna (the moon)

                                                                Article 2

The purpose of this country will be to provide people with a feeling of security and protection. The reason that this country exists is because we want everyone to feel like they fit in and that they belong here. Our goals are to make sure everyone is the same and that no one is overlooked by the people of our society. We ensure that everyone is safe and protected at all times. We can help maintain a sense of equality.

                                                                  Article 3

We will expect each citizen to stay within their groups and not break the rules of the country of of their group. They are expected to do whatever their group requires without argument or fight. We require that every citizen be bar coded when they are born. Every "pair" of citizens are only allowed to have three (3) kids. There is NO guarantee that their child will stay with them. Groups are decided by the bar code that they are given.

                                                                 Article 4

The leader of this country will be our FIGUREHEAD. There will be one leader and the position is to be inherited. To ensure to our citizens that this government will not be corrupt there will be a second in charge when making fatal decisions. Their idea will be taken into consideration but it is not promised that their idea will be carried out.

                                                                 Article 5

The responsibilities of the government are to ensure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. They will help to make sure that the country remains and stays safe and follow the rules of their designated group. We promise to provide our citizens with the safety that they need. We also promise to try to treat everyone equal to the best of our ability. We can not be in every city or group at once therefore we can not offer 100% equality among individuals. The responsibilities of the people are to make sure that they are doing their part and making everyone else job easier when it comes to conflicts that compromise someone else safety. They are also responsible for their actions. If they step onto another groups territory (that they are not friendly with) then they should be aware of the repercussions that go along with that action. They should be prepared for punishment upon return.

                                                                Article 6

Laws that will defend the people are laws that might be able to protect them. The laws that are for equality is for the benefit of the people if they do so choose to use them.

Bill Of Rights

  1. They can listen to the national anthem of Zaluna
  2. Citizens of a certain group will be allowed to visit any group once a week and stay for three (3) hours
  3. Roam freely without conflict
  4. Freedom of Speech without causing rebellion
  5. Freedom to procreate a new person
  6. Recreate things that are seen, that are not offensive to the government
  7. Form alliances within their group
  8. Have group gatherings once (1) a week
  9. Allowed to know addresses and personal information of other citizens
  10. Allowed to learn and read freely

                                                                 Article 7

The education that we will provide for our country will be the best education that we can offer. The dropout rate will be less than 2% and graduation will be at least 95%. Our education system will offer a variety of different fields that you can study. Everyone will be required to study some kind of field and required to pass a final test. However this test does not determine if they graduate. If the do not pass it the first two (2) times then they can not work in their field until they take a class and pass the test on the next two (2) attempts.

                                                              Article 8

The flag and its symbols represent stability, balance and strength. It shows that our country is stable enough to balance everything that we create on our own with having any other existing alliances from other countries. We have the strength to be alone and “solitary”. We do not require help from anyone and we are strong enough to handle our own problems. We are able to stand as a united country and not fall.

                                                               Article 9

Our figurehead will be one of our government leaders. He is of Asian descent with pale skin and blue eyes. He will be the one that watches over our country without ever being seen. He sees everything and knows everyone's name. He is inescapable. He is the one who cares about our rights and the things that we do to help out the country. He is the one that lets us have our freedoms and makes our rules, along with his second in command. they make sure that they are fair and treat everyone as equal as possible.


The characteristics of he is of Asian descent with pale skin and blue eyes. He will be the average size of an Asian person. He will look just like anyone else would in the country except the way that he dresses. He dresses more like royalty from from the 1700’s.

Figurehead Origin

Our figurehead derived from our ancestors who came before us. They decided that they would create a government that would never go to war and always seek to distinguish war and conflict. He was trained from birth on how to be a great leader and how to make sure that nothing went wrong. Our current leader was groomed since age five (5yrs) since his father had died, his uncle took over until he was of age to lead the country. Our figurehead symbolizes great power and respect toward our people. He stands for peace and equality for all of the people in the country.

The Secret Room

The Secret Room

This secret room will help you overcome your deepest darkest fears. Your amygdala is against you, this will help ensure that your brain is working for you. This room will be the highlight of your life. It is what everyone fears and also what everyone will remember whenever they come out of it. This room will change your life and make sure that you are not different from everyone else. Be prepared to have the time of your life.

This room was created solely for the purpose of pleasure and memories. All of your best memories and actions will be recorded here for your entertainment and recollection. This is not meant to scare you but to draw you closer to yourself and figure out your purpose in life. All of your deepest darkest secrets are kept in this room and only you have the power to access them with your mind. Whatever happens in this room is for the gratification of your soul. Witnesses can and will attest to this account. Pimwipa Chersin tells his story to the people of Zaluna.

“When I first arrived in the room it was the scariest place I have ever been. I had just arrived into the country of Zaluna non-bar coded therefore I was sent into this mystery room to experience what it felt like to be a citizen. The particular part of the initiation was designed to familiarize me with the daily custom with the citizens of the country. After the initiation period was over then I was able to go get bar coded and the government had access to all of my records and documents.They accessed my deepest fears and brought them to life making them real and therefore succeeding in helping me overcome them. Some people may see this room as a torture chamber but its really only here to help you achieve your dreams without any fear or setbacks. This room has made me realize that I can do so much more with my life other without fearing that something will happen to me in the vicinity of my home. Living without fear is something that everyone can have.”

This room creates a peace of mind for you. It lets you know that you aren't alone when you face your fears. Someone will always be there for you when you need it. They will take you to a place where you can openly face your fears and overcome them on your own within a span of 2 weeks. It all starts with you and the decisions that you make in this country. Some have the opportunity and luxury of staying longer, it all depends on how much they actually fear.

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