Multimedia Artist and Animators

wade is the wade of wades just in case you didn't know.

Description of career:

Multimedia Artists and Animators create animations and visual effects for T.V., movies, video games, etc.. Animators usually create 2D or 3D figures in motion using computers or modeling programs like making objects or characters appear life like. They can also apply story development and edit things to create a storyboard that shows the flow of animation and maps out key scenes. It isn’t just computers with animators because they also make pen and paper drawings and then they go scan them into the computer to edit them like with color, texture, or animate it . --.-- I know thats still using a computer but still just roll with it.

Required skills:

For this there is the obvious and then there’s other things like actively listening to pay full attention, understanding points, and asking appropriate questions. Then reading comprehension, critical thinking, time management, coordination, judgement and decision making, speaking, active learning, complex problem solving, and monitoring.

Education requirements:

Employers usually would want someone with a bachelors degree in graphic design  and a great portfolio with good technical skills.


The average salary would be $58,250 then highest 10% earn more than $99,150, and the lowest 10 percent would be 32,360. ----.---- and the average could be $63,630 i don’t know exactly there’s always different ones.

Future outlook:

Has been negative since 2004. Vacancies have decreased by 12.08 percent nationwide. The demand for this job is expected to go up, with an expected 63,640 new jobs filled by 2018. That represents an annual increase of 29.95 percent over the next few years. The lowest states are Alaska, Oklahoma, Puerto rico, Mississippi, Idaho, South Carolina, and Alabama. The top states are California, Texas, Washington, Minnesota, Illinois , and New York maybe i guess this website looks shady.


The benefits of this  job is that if you enjoy it then it shouldnt and doesnt feel like a job because its something you like to do so everytim you go to work you just have a nice time doing what you like.

Similar careers:

Art director, Corporate identity designer, Design director, Display designer, Editorial designer, Environmental designer, Graphic Artist, Graphic designer for magazines, Graphic designer for production houses, Graphic designer for publishing and advertising, Graphic designer for service bureaus, Graphic designer for television and movie studios, Information designer, Marketing Manager, Multimedia and web designer,  Production designer, Sign system designer, Typeface designer, User experience designer, and then a Web designer.

Why i picked this career:

I chose this career because I like art a lot and I like computers as well so, I thought why not just choose this career that involves both art and technology too.

I feel like i would be fit for this job because i'm not all that confused at all and am pretty serious about perusing this career.

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