Manifest Destiny: Westward Expansion

Explanation of Manifest destiny

The expansion began with the Louisiana purchase in 1803.

1840's and 50's the nation expanded quickly

In 5 years the united states increased its size by a third.

How some traveled, but some had to walk.

More pictures of what Westward Expansion looked like:


This shows a time line of the Westward Expansion

This is how they would have traveled

  • This is a map of Westward Expansion, it shows when we got out land and how we won our land.
  • The green is our first 13 colonies we started with.
  1. The we got the North West Territories first
  2. Louisiana Purchase in 1803
  3. Texas in 1845
  4. Oregon Territory in 1846
  5. Then we won the rest from mexico which had lost about 1/3 of its territory , including all present day, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico

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