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Hemophilia- A rare bleeding sex-linked  disorder when someone starts to bleed and then cannot stop.

Hemophilia occurs in some people. Mostly males. Hemophilia is passed on through trait. There are two types of Hemophilia. Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B.

Why Hemophilia occurs mainly in males

The reason Hemophilia A or B occurs mainly in males is due to the chromosomes. Hemophilia is caused by not enough factor VIII or IX. Since females have two copies of the X chromosomes, if factor VIII doesn't work on one of the chromosomes, the other X chromosome may be able to make enough.
But for males, they only have one copy of the X chromosome, so if they don't have enough factor VIII, the Y chromosome cant. Hemophilia cannot happen in females because they are carriers.

How do people get Hemophilia?

Most of the time, its a trait passed on from your parents. Usually from not enough Factor VII or Factor IX.

What is Hemophilia like?

Hemophilia is like bleeding non-stop. Most of the time people realize they have Hemophilia during a surgery or so. When you get a cut or something, it takes longer than usual for it to heal up, so it continues bleeding for awhile. Most Hemophilia occurs around the joints, where it takes most affect. Some people can die from Hemophilia, but not many do. Hemophilia also gets more visible later in life.

How common is Hemophilia?

1 out of 5,000 males to 1 out of 10,000 have Hemophilia A. The most common type is Hemophilia A. 1 in 20,000 males may have Hemophilia B.

Join swelling usually can lead damage or swelling in muscles.
Bleeding in your head can lead to brain damage.
Bleeding in joints usually cause tightness in joints.
There is usually a built up of blood which is called hematoma.
Bleeding in your mouth is usually hard to stop.
              Can you cure Hemophilia?
  • You cannot permanently cure Hemophilia, but there are some treatments.
  • You can get Factor VIII into your blood, which is what your blood was missing when it had Hemophilia.

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