Content Curation

I have been given the opportunity to create a content curation with a site that was new to me.  Once the demos were done in class, it was clear to me that I would enjoy using Symbaloo.  Symbaloo not only allows me to have a webpage connecting all my online resources that my students enjoy using, but also it allows me to have my own personal use of web links, including social media, online bill pay, and many others.  It was simple to create, and very user friendly. I anticipate to continue using this resource in and outside the classroom.  My Symbaloo below connects math, science, reading, as well as game so my students will have the choice to expand their knowledge whether it's through an article, video or a game. You can access my Symbaloo with the link provided below.

Did I mention that it is also iPad friendly!?

SYmbaloo URL:

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