Peyton Hatcher #Kettner #springbreak  #Tech41

My break also consisted of CYT which is Christian Youth Theater. This takes up alot my time! It's like my sport, I'm always there! I go to CYT on Tuesday for a class and then Friday, Saturday and sometimes Thursday and Sunday. I have been on stage most of the time but sometimes I take a break and crew. This means I will help out back stage usually doing everyones makeup! (Guys wear makeup too!)

My best friend and I went to Arenacross and watched the races. She sang the National Anthem and we got free admission! We also had to set up a party to sponser her mom because she has breast cancer.

During the break I was with my mom first and we celebrated easter with my family! I got lots of candy and we went back home and watched Disney movies! My niece and nephew came over and watched the movies with us. We watched Into The Woods, The Little Mermaid, Hercules, etc.

This is a picture of my friends and I after I got surgery. Riley and Hanna are both good friends of mine and if Hanna wasn't there no one would've been able to carry me up the stairs! I was really loopy and weird.

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