K-12 Mobile Learning Apps

Module 9; EDU 210; Monday, November 11th, 2013

Dragon Dictation

What is this? Dragon Dictation is a mobile app that allows users to record themselves speaking and convert that audio to digital text.

How can it be used? Dragon Dictation can eliminate barriers as part of a Universal Design to Learning. This speech-to-text app can help students with physical and/or cognitive challenges to writing. In written assignments and exams, students can use Dragon Dictation to accommodate their needs anywhere and anytime. For example, this app could be implemented as part of a student’s Individualized Program Plan (IPP) and in an exam, the questions could be asked aloud while the app could record the student’s answers.


What is this? Nearpod is a website that allows teachers to create classroom presentations and then an app that delivers the presentation to everyone simultaneously through the students’ mobile devices. Nearpod also allows for teachers to combine their presentations with elements such as polls, quizzes and videos.

How can it be used? Another feature of Nearpod’s platform is the drawing feature, which allows students to annotate images on their mobile devices. For example a math teacher can assign an image of a triangle to practice determining angles. Moreover a social studies teacher can assign a plain map and have students fill in geographic landmarks, such as cities and rivers.


What is this? Observation 360 (also known asPD360) is an app that corresponds to a website. This app serves as a mobile learning resource for teachers; particularly in the field of professional development!

How can it be used? Administrators who would like to give additional resources to new teachers would greatly benefit, as this app has over 2,000 videos to draw from.


What is this? Socrative is an app and a website that allows teachers to implement a student response system in the classroom. This app easily facilitates multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions as a means of gauging overall student comprehension.

How can it be used? An English teacher for example can assign a short story for students to read and ask multiple choice questions in class to quickly determine if

a) The students read the story.

b) The students understood the content

c) The students grasped deeper symbolisms and metaphors


What is this? Educreations is an app that turns an iPad into a recordable whiteboard and allows teachers to create their own video tutorials for students.

How can it be used? Teachers can use Educreations to implement a Flipped Classroom structure to their lesson planning. They can use this app to record their lectures for students to watch at home and then engage in collaborative work during class time.


What is this? Dropbox is a cloud storage service that is accessible by its app and website. Teachers and students can use this resource to store, edit and share files, videos and photos.

How can it be used? Teachers can use Dropbox as both a point of access and backup storage for their classroom files. Furthermore, educators can share these files with individuals that do not have a Dropbox account. This is a step forward particularly concerning parents, as most of them are not plugged in with educational websites and apps. For example if a major exam is coming up, a teacher can e-mail parents with a dropbox link for them to be able to access notes, resources and readings to help their child.

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