climate region

Perfect climate is one way of describing Trackland. The air is never too hot and never too cold, making it perfect for running. The summers are long and warm, as all of the citizens of Trackland run everyday. The winters are short and cool, but not to cool to break the run-everyday-cycle. This climate helps the people of Trackland improve better everyday in their running. This climate is crucial to a track runners (that is what the people of Trackland are called) life because if a track runner were to live anywhere different it would throw off their whole way of life.


In Trackland no one has ever even heard of McDonalds. Everyone eats salad and oraganic healthy foods, most of the citizens grow their own food in their homes. Track runners make the healthiest and most delicious tasting foods. From exotic fish dishes to homemade chicken and rice, Trackland is the healthy food capital of the world. The food is also crucial to a track runners health and lifestyle. If a track runner were to eat fast food or processed food it could likely stop all function in their body and they can possibly die. 

Creative Expression

Track runners take all their free time to strive to achieve better fitness, they don't always just run, they play other sports such as football, basketball, soccer etc. Most important of all; track runners need music to survive. They are constantly listening to it, no matter what genre. For a track runner, listening to music is like breathing. Music also allows the people of Trackland to do better in every performance and in almost anything. Track runners also like going to track meets where the best runners in all of Trackland compete for recreation, as some of the fans can get very competitive.

relationships to family

You could say that most houses in America have pools, or play grounds, or grass areas in their back yards, but in Trackland everybody has a full 400 meter track in their back yards. If you have not already picked up on the idea, running is a way of life in Trackland and it is very important to each and every citizen. Parents teach their children the importance of health and this is how the country maintains health in everyone. Instead of drivers education classes, familys and basically everyone runs everywhere. Families learn the value of endurance together. Parents teach their children the best technique of running and teach them how to take care of their body to prevent injury.