The Dirty Dozen

By: Perri Budd, Kaitlynn Ponceca and Adrianna Dicosmo

The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1794. The cotton gin sped up production of cotton. It made it faster and cheaper to produce. It removed seeds faster than doing it by hand. Its important today because it made cloths cheaper. The downside of the cotton gin it allow the South to have more slave to produce cotton.

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1870. The telephone allowed people to communicate easier and faster. It allowed people to send more than one word at a time. It is important today because it allows to people to talk long distance easier than mores code.

The Television was invented by Philo Farnsworth in 1920. The impact of the television enhanced radios. Also it allowed people to watch news, soap operas and other shows at the same time. The importance of the television today it allows people to watch sport games without sitting in the stadium. People can watch the shows at the same time without waiting.

The steam engine was invented by Thomas Savery in 1679. It made transportation faster. Engines were lighter and smaller. Steam engines are better for the environment. They don't produce a lot of pollution.  The Locomotive was invented by George Stephenson in 1804. The impact of the locomotive is to transport people faster. The importance of the locomotive today it can transport people and good long distances in a short period of time.

The microchip was invented by Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby in 1958.  The impact was it was the insides of all technologies for companies like Apple, Intel and ext. The impact of the microchip was it lead companies to advance the their electronics.  

The internet was invented by Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf in the 1960's. The impact of the internet is that it created the digital age. Allowing people to send messages instantly. The internet is important today because people can get information quickly and send it to other people quickly.  

The PC was invented by Pier Giorgio Perotto in 1965. The first computer cost $3,200. The impact of the PC allowed people to store information and look up information when  they needed it. The importance of the PC is to help people find information easily. Also connect people from around the world.

The assembly line was created by Henry Ford in the 1900. It helped factories worked produce more cars and reduce the cost. The importance of the assembly line today it helped people buys cars at a low cost and produce cars at a fast rate to sell to other countries.  

Interchangeable parts were invented by Eli Whitney in 19th century. The importance of interchangeable parts is if a machine has a broken part, it can easily be fixed. Interchangeable parts impacted modern day life because people can change or replace old parts. Its important today because people can change or fix machines faster.  

The transistor was invented by Walter Brattain on November 17, 1947.  The impact of the transmitter was to help amplify the electrical signal like  giving bars to a cell phone.  Its important today because people can use their cell phones anywhere they want and at any time.

The car was invented by Henry Ford in the 1800's. The impact of the car helped people get from one place to another faster. The car is important today traveling long distance is shorter and people can go where ever they want at any time.  

The Cell/Smart phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1878. The impact of the cell phone allows people to update on their social media, weather, news and to keep in touch with family, friends and coworkers. Its important today because people can call people from other countries or states or search information.

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