My Digital Portfolio

By: Zoe A. C. Blazzard

My Got Milk Assignment with Austria. In this picture, I'm especially like the rims of it and how I made the milk actually look like milk with Pixlr.

This was my Castle Project that I had to make with the Marquee Tool and the Paint Bucket Tool. My favorite part about this picture was that I tried to make the door look like a Hobbit door.

This was my Fruit Bowl project and my favorite part was how, later, I used different shades of the colors to replicate the lighting.

This was my Eye Changer project and I enjoyed changing England's eye color from Green to Red ;).

This was my Ladybug Coffee project and I liked making the picture look like a campaign poster.

This was Melonie (My Melon Head Project) and I enjoyed how I made her eyes strawberries (yum! :) ).

This was my Scavenger Hunt Collage and I liked making the collage Thermal vision (especially the Doritos).

This was my Visual Idiom project, where I took one of my favorite anime characters (England), beheaded him (MWAHAHA) and put it on a table. I enjoyed making the entire thing in general *thumbs up*.

This is my Trick Photography photo where I took my friend Jesse reading, made a hole in the cover, and added shadowing. Like the previous photo, I ENJOYED ALLLLL OF IT.

This photo, my Alphabet Photography photo, I made my middle name, August, out of various items and thus made my whole name! Voila! I enjoyed coming up with ideas of what to make August out of ;).

This was my Photo Collage of Ice cream around the World! My favorite part of the photo was the stickers and I also enjoyed doing the research for each type of ice cream.

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