Welcome!  USD 428 is very fortunate to have a Tech Coach to help you implement technology into your daily lessons. Our purpose is to provide superior educational opportunities through the efficient and innovative use of technology.

What our focus is in USD428.

Technology in our hands

At your service

We are here to assist you in your classroom with using iPads, Chromebooks, Google Apps, and different applications that would help enhance learning.  As Coaches we are available to help you search for the resources you need, helps design a lesson using the resources, and then co-teach or assist you in the implementation of the lesson.

Google Apps to become familiar with:

Google Drive, Docs, Extensions, Forms, CLASSROOM, Calendar, YouTube, just about anything Google.

Your Technology Instructional Coach

Lincoln- Stephanie Webster- stephanie.webster@usd428.net

Riley- Casey Gatton- casey.gatton@usd428.net

Jefferson- Erin Holste- erin.holste@usd428.net

Park- Brock Funke- brock.funke@usd428.net

Eisenhower-  Blythe Murphy- blythe.murphy@usd428.net

GBMS- Darcy Leech- darcy.leech@usd428.net

GBHS- Sarah Ellegood- sarah.ellegood@usd428.net

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