Mathematics Division 2 Mobile Apps

EDU 210 Module 9

Blerb about math

App #1: Division For Kids

Division For Kids is a great app to use for children to practice both simple division and long division with remainders. There are unlimited problems, making practice sheet much more efficient for the teacher. My using a mobile learning device to practice division rather than pencil and paper, children will be more inclined to participate!

App #2: Math Slicer

Math Slicer is a fun and exciting way for children to practice basic math. Children have the option of practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Rather than forcing students to practice with flash cards or boarding paper questions, Math Slicer keeps children interested in solving math equations and motivated them to continue practicing.

App #3: Mystery Math Museum

Mystery Math Museum is a game designed where players require math skills to continue on in the game. This is a very fun game which children in elementary will be interested in which also helps them practice their basic math skills at the same time. Keeping students interested in math can be a challenge! Mystery Math Museum is a great way to achieve this. For more information please this webpage.

App #4: Mathlands

Mathlands is a very versetile app for students. It contains six different math, logic, and puzzle games to help students to learn basic math and critical thinking. The app is free and most importantly fun for children while they learn their required learning curriculum through self discovery.

App #5: Math Animation For Elementary School

Math Animation For Elemetary School is a great app that has many different math skill practice. For instance, this app could be used for both math division 1 and 2. There are activities for fractions, simple equations using x, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, and more! This app is great for diversity in the classroom. For example, one child may need to work on more basic division before he or she attempts to practice fractions while another student may be ready to practice fractions. This app enables both students to practice math at the level they are at.

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