By: Rachel Hawthorne


The main characters in this book are Kayla Madison, Lindsay, Brittany, Lucas, and Mason.

Kayla is going back to summer camp like she did last year. She's meeting her best friend Lindsay she met last summer.

The Sherpas (camp counselors) threw Kayla a surprise birthday party. She's turning 17 this year. While around the camp fire, she noticed that the Sherpa leader, Lucas, was watching her from a distance. She knew that something was different about him.

The next day, the Sherpas lead a group of campers into the wilderness for exploring. They hiked all day until they found a good place to stay. Kayla wondered why Dr. Keane (Mason's dad) was carrying a large crate with them. He said they might find some things to take back to camp with them.

While the group was crossing a rapid river, Lucas went across and tied a rope to a tree trunk. Kayla was halfway through and the rope snapped. She was carried by the current of the river, but those were the least of her problems. When she finally got out of the vicious waters, she was face-to-face with a grizzly bear.

Kayla went still in shock. Right before she decided to run, a wolf attacked the bear. After the wolf has finally won and the bear ran off, the wolf stared at her. She recognized the wolves eyes some how.

When some of the Sherpas came to help her back to their campsite, everyone said that Lucas went running after her, but Kayla didn't see Lucas. They also found out that the rope was cut, not frayed.

Mason took Kayla on top of the valley for a picnic. Mason tried to kiss Kayla but she fought him and there the wolf was, the same one that fought the bear. Mason captured the wolf and locked him in the crate (which really was a cage.) After everyone went to sleep, Kayla picked the lock and let the wolf go. But it wasn't just a wolf...if was Lucas.

If you would like to know the ending, read Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne.


If this book is a part of a series, can you provide more information about the series?

This is 3 more books to this series. Full moon, Dark of the moon, and Shadow of the moon. Full moon is about Lindsay's life, Dark of the moon is about Brittnay's life, and the Shadow of the moon is about Hayden's life.

Why would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because it's very adventurous and even though it's fiction, it feels like it could really happen.

What did you enjoy about this book?

I enjoyed how everyone tied into this book some how and they are all connected.

Was the ending satisfactory? Why or why not?

I think the ending was satisfactory because none of the main characters died, and everyone mated with they guys they loved.