Gun Control

Democrat                              VS                               Republican



Out of 8 countries America has had more deaths resulting from guns by a ridiculous amount...see a problem?

Gun control is not about taking away guns. It is about making so criminals and people who want to commit a crime that can lead to a death cannot buy guns.

  • Support laws to regulate gun control
  • Democrats believe that gun violence is a serious problem
  • Government needs to impose restrictions to regulate the purchase and ownership of guns
  • Major supporter is Handgun Control Inc.



Taking away peoples guns will not help protect them.

The 2nd Amendment also gives a person the right to bear arms giving Republicans further support

  • They oppose laws to regulate guns
  • Say that the passage of laws has not reduced gun violence
  • The government needs to vigorously enforce and punish criminals who use guns illegally
  • Major supporter is NRA

Relevant Gun Articles/Cases:

United States v Miller

On the issue of gun control I believe that people do have the right to carry and own guns. Guns are a problem and do cause deaths everyday, and while I would agree with the statement,"Guns don't kill, people kill.", I still believe that guns are helping enable it to make killing easier. The government should make stricter regulations on the selling of guns especially private sales, but apart from that criminals will get their hands on guns just like a drug addict will get drugs because they find ways around the law.

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