Romeo and Juliet in Balthazar's point of view

Act I, Balthazar, Jin Kyung Kim, Period 8

I have no doubt that the filthiest men in the entire world would all come from the Capulet family. O poor what's-his-name, to bite his thumb at us! Later, the people in the market told me that they have made sexual jokes in the public, too. Sure, they may be a lot of fun at the parties, but they have clearly insulted us and our women. What a disgrace! I guess the Capulets are horrible at training their servants. Anyways, the Prince arrived right on time. If not, the guy would have been killed under the honorable name of the Montague.

The breath of ours is here to stay, at least when there's no Tybalt around. Mighty Tybalt. He is the villain, the outlaw of Verona streets. He is the only fear I bear. Even Benvolio is a no match for him, I believe. Romeo? Not at all, even though he is a gentlemanly young. These days, he has been wandering from places to places, with poems flowing out from his mouth. What a pathetic lover. Also, today in the market, I caught sight of him reading something off a paper to a Capulet. No quarrel nor dispute, but an innocent act of help. Romeo, Romeo. Sir, you are young and kind enough to seem like a fool.

Act 2, Balthazar, Jin Kyung Kim, Period 8

Turns out that the Capulets were having a party the last time. A servant from the family provoked me to a quarrel, saying that Romeo was there too, seeking for a beauty. I didn't fight back, following the command of the Prince. However, if his words are true, Romeo is risking too much of himself to love and be loved. O yes, he is the most romantic one of all. He would literally abandon everything he has now, to fully obtain love from his girl. People say that such attitude of his is not so manly, but who knows. His work might win him the most beautiful woman.

In that sense, I can't help it but continue to feel anxious as I have heard that Juliet, the daughter of the family, is strikingly gorgeous. I know that she is only 13 years old, but all the other girls of the age are getting married. Mercutio keeps on talking about the girl named Rosaline, but you know. Romeo would be easily charmed with another woman after a single night of honeyed words! Please, God. Do not let him make a mistake that would stain the houses of both families with blood and fury.

Act 3, Balthazar, Jin Kyung Kim, Period 8

Mercutio! Dear friend, Mercutio! I cannot believe that he is now gone- forever. I do not believe it is the fault of Romeo. He fought back like a man, but life became hell as the death of Tybalt followed the death of Mercutio. The Montagues and the Capulets are willing to kill each other in any second. I know it would hurt not only the reputation of the two families but also the citizens of Verona like the Prince has said.

But who cares, Mercutio's curse works for all of us! I was there. I heard him say, "A plague o' both your houses! " I understand him though. Who would have guessed that a person so delightful would die from a sword fight. Now, I am left with no joy. Romeo will soon be banished from the city, Mercutio is gone like a wind, and I have no wife nor children. So, if I have to die anyways, I will fight and die in honor. I will carry out the revenge towards every one of them with thy hands. The only comfort would be to have Romeo stay and join us. If not, I will join them after life fades away.

Act 4, Balthazar, Jin Kyung Kim, Period 8

Juliet is dead. I cannot believe any of the news yet, especially because she died the night before her wedding day. I feel so sorry for Paris. How embarrassing is it for a man to have his fiancé dead right before the marriage? The family would feel awful as well. The Capulet tomb has already greeted Tybalt to lie on one of its beds. I remember Lady Capulet and the Nurse weeping aloud in front of the Prince when he died. It would have been much more shocking that now their own daughter has died.

I keep telling myself that it may be because of what I've promised to the rest of the Montagues; that I will hurt and fight against the Capulets. Or maybe Mercutio's curse is working for real. There's no other way of explaining the ongoing tragedy of fragile, lively men and women. One thing I am sure about is that whatever the reason to her death is, it must have been something more powerful than her father's words. More important than her family's honor. Otherwise, it makes no sense that such a young girl would have the courage to poison herself. Well, the alive ones are left to guess and suffer.

Act 5, Balthazar, Jin Kyung Kim, Period 8

I could have stopped him and I could definitely have stopped her. A minute of hesitation led to the death of two innocent lovers. The only reason why I don't kill myself is because I know that it won't comfort others in any possible ways. Now, the fight between two families seem to be so meaningless. Maybe, this is what Romeo tried to tell us the whole time. How most people are childish and senseless enough to hate each other for no particular reason. I must not be the only one to think this way, because a silent peace has raised. Everyone, the Montagues and the Capulets, sobbed while listening to the words of Friar Lawrence. No one would be able to forget a single line of it.

I still wonder. Sure, there have been some incidents, such as quarrels in the streets. However, that doesn't mean that we wanted a bunch of dishonorable or poignant deaths. Why didn't we just let them love? Why didn't we listen to their words? Why didn't the God help us? I believe that the stars have forbidden and punished us by taking away the most valuable lives among all. O, poor Romeo and Juliet. I grieve for both of you tonight.

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