Great lakes St. lawrence lowlands

Here in Great lakes st. lawrence lowlands, the weather is really warm in the summer, not too hot, but just perfect for the beach! We have many green trees all over our land, and we are environmentally friendly. Our soil is very great quality in case you want to own a farm one day... It usually rains on regular basses and we truly admire that because we love our plants being green and healthy! You will love the weather when you come and visit!!



St. Lawrence Lowland is a plain along the St. Lawrence River between Qu├ębec City in the east and Brockville, Ontario, in the west, including the Ottawa River valley west to Renfrew, Ontario. St. lawrence lowlands is a low land region around the Canadian shield so the bed rock under these lowlands is formed mainly of sediments that eroded from the shield! Interesting right?! Along the St. lawrence, the retreating ice-age Champlain sea left behind a fertile riveter plain.  An overlay of glacial debris, depositing during the last ice-age, creating southern Ontario's flat to rolling terrain.

Soil and Vegetation

Here in Great lakes st. Lawrence lowlands, we have flat roads perfect

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