The ABC's of Culture

By: Dakota Jordan

N is for National Pride!!

- The Jamaican flag means the sun= yellow, green= the land.

- The gold stands for national wealth

- Black depict the strength and creativity of people

This photo represents the Jamaican Flag

D is for Dress

- Women keep there children well dressed especially for church

- Men wear Jeans or Khakis with a cotton button up t-Shirts and sneakers.

- Clothing in Jamaica usually have the Rastafarian colors which are red, gold and green.

This photo shows what a women in Jamaica would wear to church

Y is for Yum

- Jamaican food is usually spicy

- At breakfast they have there national dish which is ackee and sailfish

- many Jamaican people usually enjoy Chinese and indian foods

This photo shows the  typical breakfast meal for Jamaicans

P is for Population

- This population in Jamaica is 2,930,050 people. It ranks 136th most people in the world.

- 52% of the the population is urban population

- 92% of Jamaica has African Ancestry

This photo shows the city of Kingston, Jamaica. This is the capital of Jamaica. This is where most of the of the people live.

W is for Ways to have fun

- Jamaicans usually play Soccer and Cricket

- Track and field plays a significant role to Jamaicans. They have one of the best track teams in the world

- Other sports they play are: Table tennis, Field Hockey and tennis. In school the girls play netball which is like basketball.

This photo shows one of Jamaica best track and Field players Usain Bolt. He recently won a gold medal in the summer olympics


- I noticed that Jamaican people and there dress to church is related to Principle 1"Culture is shared among a group of people" because all of the people in Jamaica dress nice for church. It is also related to Principle 3"Culture is learned or inherited" because the kids have to learn what foods to eat, how to dress and they have to learn.

- "Take Away" I have learned that cultures have different celebrations and beliefs. And I hope to incorporate these things into my everyday life

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