Mia Stuart

Hello, It's April 10, 1865 and my name is Mia Stuart. I am 26 and I have two kids so far. They are darling little ones, their names are Wyatt and Melodi Stuart and my husbands name is Luke. I live in Nebraska with my beautiful family.  The war is in its second year. My youngest brother is stationed in North Dakota.  

                         April 10, 1865

Today I decided that I should wake up bright and early to make more food for passing soldiers. Then my little ones woke up Melodi is 6  and Wyatt is 5. I made them their favorite pancakes, then they had to take their daily baths. They hate to get clean but they have to do it. I start to clean up around my house. Then after 20 or so minutes I heard the soldiers coming down the road. So a couple hours out of my afternoon went feeding the soldiers. Then I finished cleaning and I had to start and make dinner. I made us stew with corn bread. Before we ate my husband came home and we all ate together. I helped him into bed and we all went to bed. I'm glad I helped out the soldiers today. Thank you God amen.

                            April 11, 1862

I recently wrote to my oldest brother Michael Spangler. He might still be in  hospital right now. He couldn't write me much last time, he is ill. He said to me "Mia, I love you my dearest sister, I can't write much. I'm in the hospital I have a terrible illness. I won't let it kill me but my dearest if I do pass on I love you and lets thank the Lord above for all he has done. Amen." I wish I could help out at the hospitals maybe I would see him. I have my darlings right now though I can't leave them. I think my husband would be lost without me.  My brother was travling to fight in the battle of Fort Henry. Its a long rough journey. God bless amen.

                          April 12, 1865

Today I woke up a little later then normal. I feel like I'm starting to get a cold or something. The soldiers came really early today and I had to mend wounds. I also let them take baths so the sink and blood could come off their skin. I was really slow today though. I had to watch the kids and make them food. I also let the soldiers sleep in our barn. My husband got home and took care of them. I laid down to rest and my kids played outside. Then I woke up and made us all some dinner and we went back to bed. I hope tommorrows a better day. God bless amen.

                            Febuary 13, 1865

Today I got a letter from my brother Michael. The letter progress is really slow. I don't know if he's okay because they come like three years later.  He is doing better then before and he is now in the battle of Fort Henry. He said to us, "Hello Mia and possibly the family, I'm doing okay and I'm heading to the battle. We had a rest stop and I seen one of my friends blown up by a bomb. I didn't know what to do but grab his body and cry. I have never cried before sister. I have to go before I cry again. I love you all and God bless." When I read that I cried and my husband came to me asked me if I was alright and I showed him the letter and he hugged me. The children were only told that he loves them. I couldn't tell them the terrible story. God bless amen.

                               April  14, 1865

Today I found out that President Lincoln has been shot. I heard from a local newspaper man. My husband had an out rage and he was yelling and he scared the children. I was angry too and I thought the man that did it should be killed for his terrible thing he did. My husband left to go calm down. I had to sit down with my kids and explain what happened. It was the hardest thing I have done.

I tried not to tell them anything terrible but I didn't want my husband to tell them. I slowy told them and Melodi understood better then Wyatt. We all sat there in slience and I explained that everything will be alright. I got up trying to cheer them up and I asked them if they wanted to bake cookies and Wyatt jumped up and Melodi kinda helped but she went outside. I think it got her worse then Wyatt. Then Luke got home he sat out there with her and they sat outside and talked.

She started to cry but I think after her father holding her in his arms just made it better. They came in and ate cookies and then I made some dinner. Luke took the kids in the living room and told them a story and tucked them in. They fell asleep fast. Then me and him talked about it and then we went to bed. I guess it hit us all really hard. God bless amen.

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