Why be less when you can be U?

Uranium, what is it used for?


Uranium is a transition metal; Symbol "U";Protons- 92;  Neutrons- 146; Electrons-92;  Melting Point- 1132.2 °C, 2070 °F; Boiling Point- 4131 °C, 7468 °F; Atomic Number- 92; Atomic Mass- 238.02891

Where is it found?

Uranium is a silvery- white element. Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered Uranium in 1789. In nature Uranium is found in all rocks, soil, and water. Uranium is also in the Uranium bomb and the main element in the nuke. Also Uranium energizes a lot of things.

Why Uranium?

Uranium is pure DEFENSE! It is the main element that makes the Uranium bomb and the nuke. You can blow up anything or everything. You might be able to sell or trade Uranium to an alien that wants to make a bomb. Also Uranium is used to energize a lot of things, which makes it a functional need.


Information from-  http://www.ptable.com/

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