School Essay; Walker; 3/5/14

I believe Kazakhstan is a brilliant country, because of all the things they have done for their territory. They are located in the Northeastern part do Asia, they spice things up over there. I have a few reasons why I believe they are so cool. One reason is because they have a rich culture, another is that they have one of the most or not the most historical religions ever and the last is because they have a pretty good government.

One reason why Kazakhstan is so cool is because of their culture. Kazakhstan's culture is based on their nomadic economy. Their houses were once tents consisting of flexible framework and felt. They are talented when it come to art, architecture, sculpting, and fashion. Fashion is their best quality.

Another reason is because of their historical religion, which is Muslim. Kazakhstan is 70.2% Muslim, that is more that half of their population. They also practice acts of Muslim, others practice Christian acts. Christians make up 26.2% of their population, but Muslim is still the dominate religion.

The last reason that makes Kazakhstan so great is that they have a good government. Kazakhstan is a republic, a republic doesn't have much say so outside of the executive branch. Kazakhstan gained their independence on December 16, 1999 from the Soviet Union (Russia). Their independence day is on the same day, December 16, 1999.

In conclusion, Kazakhstan is a cool place. I personally wouldn't want to live there, but it would be nice to visit one day. I would look at everything that they have done in their country. I would also go to a library and read a book on their history.

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