Invasion Of The Overworld

                           By, Mark Cheverton

I am currently reading Invasion Of The Overworld. It is about a guy named Gamenight999, in Minecraft who is playing Minecraft on the computer. But then he accidently puts himself into the game by his dad's invention. He doesn't know where he is and why everything is so weird. Then he can barley see a village in the distance so he heads to it. It turned night and he saw all the zombies and skeletons show up. He teased them by making them chase him. This is a pretty good book because it has some really cool things you can really think of. I recommend people to read this book

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3 years ago

This is a good summary, J, but it would be great if you could add more detail. When you say that things are weird, what sorts of things do you mean and in what way are they weird? How did he get away from the zombies and skeletons? What types of things in it did you think were cool? What will people like most about the book? Use evidence from the book to prove your opinions.