THE CRUSADES:  Perspectives from the Past

Mr. Burruel World History

Goal: Understand the different perspectives the people of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East had about the Crusades.


Information packet for your group (pdfs on Edmodo)

The links provided on Edmodo

Internet/computer access

Tackk profile




  • Students will become aware of the different social, economic, political, and religious forces that contributed to the Crusades
  • Students will understand the importance of Jerusalem to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
  • Students will understand the impact of the Crusades on different cultures
  • Students will appreciate the impact of the individuals involved and understand different perspectives.
  • Students will complete a Tackk to be shared and viewed by fellow students.


Now that you have created a Tackk profile, you will be creating a Tackkboard for this assignment. You will be assigned to research either: the Europeans, Muslims, Byzantines, or Jews during the Crusades. Your Tackk MUST include and explain the following research categories:

  • 1. The significance of Jerusalem to your group (European, Byzantine, Muslim, Jew)
  • Why was it important for your group to control the city of Jerusalem?
  • 2. Cause of the Crusades from your group’s perspective (point of view)
  • Think of the political, religious, social, philosophical reasons (could be more than one reason)
  • 3. Impact of the Crusades on your group
  • What did it do to your group? What were the effects?
  • 4. Your group’s perception of other groups during the Crusades
  • How did they view other groups? Equals? Superior to them? Inferior to them?

You will use the pdfs and the website links provided to you on Edmodo as a starting point. You will need to take notes and analyze the documents to help you create your Tackkboard. Make sure to do all of the spellchecking and grammar checking before you add the information to your Tackk. You can add pictures and other pieces of media that you believe will improve the aesthetics of your Tackk. When finished, hashtag that beast with #CrusadesMCLA or #BurruelMCLA in the tags section at the bottom so your classmates and I can see the AWESOME job you did.

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