Ana's CPR

Conscious, and Unconscious Choking, and also CPR, and Saveir Bleeding

      In this poster you will learn how to perform Conscious, and Unconscious Choking, and also CPR. You will learn step by step how to care for a person that is suffering any off these things.



When performing CPR on an adult their are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You need to remember that you always need a face shield/mask and you need some form of a protective glove.

Steps to use when performing CPR:

  • Check the scene- Make sure that the scene is safe, make sure their is water or liquids where the patient is laying. Also make sure that their are no sharp objects where the person is.
  • Check the person- ask the person if they are o.k, if their is no response admittedly begin CPR
  • Call 911
  • Do 30 chest compression followed by 2 rescue breaths
  • repeat the chest compression's and rescue breaths till the poaramedics arive

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