Monster Mix

by Katie B., Martina, Katie W.

contains: serotonin butterscotch pieces (helps you feel more full), dopamine jelly beans (helps improve attention span), frontal banana chips (helps concentration), glutamate chia seeds (we use the natural essential amino acid glutamate not MSG), occipital sunflower seeds (improves sight), acetylcholine cashews (gains muscle), pons peanuts (helps improve coordinated movements), medulla raisins (makes you have an automatic heartbeat), parietal craisins (gets you softer skin), temporal pretzels (improves hearing), reticular formation expresso beans (helps be more alert/awake), cerebellum reeces pieces (improves balance), limbic system pecans (improves libido), hippocampus dark chocolate pieces (improves memory), amygdala m&m's (reduces stress), thalamus almonds (helps with experiencing all 5 senses), and pituitary gland white chocolate chips (helps maintain weight).

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