Deadwood Dick

   Born Nat Love on June 14, 1854. The cowboy name he was given the name Deadwood Dick. He married a woman named Alice and they had one child. He died in 1921, LA. The cause of his death is unknown.
 Nat then took various jobs on area plantations to help support the family and found that he had great skill in breaking horses. Nat continued to work as a cowboy in the southwest for another 15 years before he began to settle down and got married in 1889.The next year he took a job in Denver, Colorado as a Pullman porter on the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. As such, he worked on the routes west of Denver and moved his family several times to Wyoming, Utah and Nevada before finally settling down in southern California.
    He was famous for his great skill as a rider and cable brand reader. Earning a reputation as one of the best all-around cowboys in the Duval outfit. He soon became a buyer and their chief brand reader. Facts show that he was a good cowboy. No information led to the belief of him being in a gang but he has encountered some famous cowboys.
 Nat was born into slavery but released during the Civil War. He became a champion rifleman by placing 14 out of 14 shots in the center of a target at 250 yards.Love acquired the name Deadwood Dick as a result of winning a shooting contest in Deadwood, S. Dak., on July 4, 1876.In 1907 he published his autobiography, which contains photographs of him wearing his western gear. His dangerous work involved him numerous times in gun battles with Native Americans, cattle rustlers, and bandits, and he became an expert marksman. In one encounter with Indians he was wounded but taken captive rather than killed because the Indians were impressed with his bravery.

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