Jacque Catier

Jacques Cartier’s family was the premier watch manufacturer of Europe, and he was looking for new places to trade. Plus, his family was understandably distraught, and they refused to finance a third expedition to the New World. Because the family had rejected him, Cartier was forced to bring cheap imitations that he had imported from Korea. He was determined to succeed, and less than three months later, he boarded a single ship which was once more full of watches.


Over his years Jacques has had so many achievements

1.  Is credited with the founding of the western coast of Newfoundland and the Gulf of St. Lawrence as far as today’s anticosti island, which Cartier called assumption.

2.  He enabled France to lay claim the the lands that would become Canada

3.  Though he had not been able to explore himself, Catrier told the king of the Iroquois’ accounts of another great river stretching west, leading up to untapped riches and possibly to asia

These achievements were soon to create a big impact on the world today

Jacques Cartier is known chiefly for exploring the St. Lawrence River and giving Canada its name. Without his navigation skills Canada may not have been found a while after or the mapping of the St. Lawrence River to go along that river and find new routes.