Robyn the Talking Cake


There once was a talking cake named Robyn, and this is his story. Robyn was made/born -which ever you want to say- on April 23rd a Tuesday. He was made by a which named Grizella. Now Grizella did not mean to make him a talking cake. So, here is what happened.

It was a quiet Tuesday in Cedarville, ( now Cedarville was a town FULL of witches, goblins, trolls, wizards, sprites and lots more magical characters.) and in the center of town lived Grizella. She decided to make a cake for her best Friends birthday, Hazelnut. Most witches in Cedarville were hated, so they did not get the fancy houses like all of the other creatures. So Grizella did not have a very good place to cook her cake so had to cook right next to her magical pot. While she was making it her nephew, Tancle walked in and when he walked in the house kind of, well shook. When the house sort of, shook one of the magical potions got knocked over in the cake batter! But Grizella did not see it fall because she was greeting Tancle, but Tancle had to leave right after he just wanted to say Hi!

After Tancle left Grizella went back to baking her cake. After she was done she put it in the oven and went to go take a nap. But while she was taking her nap her cake got done but she hadn't woken up yet to the cake just walked out! When the cake got out of the oven he just stood there for a while and looked around then he noticed Grizella sleeping so he walked up to her and started jumping on her! Grizella woke up and was VERY surprised to see her cake jumping on her. She screamed. Then the cake started talking! It said " it's okay miss witch, you don't have to be afraid I'm harmless! My name is Robyn what is your name?" For a while Grizella just sat there looking at the talking cake sitting on her lap. But she finally said, stuttering " I, I'm g-g-Grizella . Nice t-to meat you R-Robyn"

For quite a while Grizella just sat there looking at the cake talking about how it was made and what adventures they could have together. Then Grizella remembered a story she he when she was a young girl, about how a witch had made a cake and it accidentally made it talk by pitting a potion in it. She also remembered that a talking cake could only live for at least 3 days! So quickly in her. In her mind she decided to make Robyn's life worth while. When she finished making her decision and interrupted Him and said let's go to stylist and get you some clothes and a nice frosting job. So they headed to the stylist and on the way there Robyn said, " why are you being so nice to me?I know you don't like me at all." Grizella stopped walking and said " you have only 3 days to live and I wanted to make worth while." " oh, ok you could have just told me that from the start!" Robyn said. So they walked to the stylist and the walk there was completely silent.

After the stylist they went site seeing around Cedarville and they didn't even realize that 2 days had past and Robyn had started to become hard, they stopped by a fountain and finally Robyn said "we should go back to your house." "Ok" Grizella said. As they headed back to the house Robyn said " you have to eat me that way there won't be any pain for me. Ok?" Grizella responded " I could never do that to you, but if you want I can give you to me best friend Hazelnut for her birthday that's why I made you." " fine give me to hazelnut and I will forever be grateful to you, thank you Grizella, you have been a great friend."

So they went back to Grizella's house and they took off Robyn's outfit and headed to Hazelnuts house and Robyn and Grizella hugged and she took Robyn to Hazelnut.

                                                                    THE END

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