Dorian H

1st Period

September 10, 2014

My Rockin' Summer

Dorian's Adventures of Awesomeness

This was a really amazing summer for me and my family as we ventured all throughout the United States. We experienced so many awesome things I myself can barely tell you about it. So here is how it started off. First we drove all the way to Florida from Texas. Our first stop was Pensacola, Florida. We stayed the night at Naval Air Station Pensacola. When we got up in the morning we went to The National Museum of Naval Aviation. We saw all kinds of airplanes there. The National Museum of Naval Aviation has the most vast collection of naval planes ever. Pensacola is also home of the Blue Angels, the Navy's flight demonstration squad. I even got to sit in one of the planes that they use for air shows! After that we went to Destin Beach, Panama City Beach, and  Daytona Beach where I got to experience boogie boarding and surfing. In Daytona I went kayaking with my dad. We saw manatees and dolphins on our kayaking adventure.We also went to Patrick Air Force Base located in Cocoa Beach. At Patrick I went fishing for the first time and rented a pontoon boat that I got to drive. We then went to Orlando where we got to go to Universal Studios, An amusement park in Orlando. Shortly after that we returned home to Texas but this my friends is only the beginning. About a week or so later I get woken up really early in the morning only to find out we were going to New York. We went to the air terminal and boarded a plane to Virginia A.K.A. my birth state. We stayed there for a couple of days and guess what? We went to another beach! We then caught a flight to Worcester Air Force Base which is in Massachusetts on a massive plane called the C-5 Galaxy. It is one of the biggest planes the Air Force has! We then drove from Massachusetts to New York where my Grandma lives. I saw all my cousins and aunts and uncles. There I played all kinds of video games. I beat Grand Theft Auto Five , played the Destiny Beta , prestiged in Black Ops Two , I even livestreamed the game DayZ (Day of the Zombies) on an Alienware laptop with my cousin Travis on Twitch! We went to an amusement park called Adventure Land for my cousins birthday. I saw my cousin do some parkour and then we ventured throughout new York City visiting many places including Times Square, Madison Square Park, and The Empire State Building. After that me , my dad , and my cousin Travis went indoor go-karting at a place called Pole Position. By then it was almost time for school to start. We left New York on a Greyhound bus back to Virginia ( Which is an eight hour drive.) to where our flight was. The good thing was that bus had WiFi! When we got there we had found out that the flight had been cancelled and we drove all the way back to Texas. And that was the end of my summer vacation...

Indoor Go-Karting is so cool...

My Cousins First Parkour Video :)

Destiny Trailer

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you had a fun summer

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yeah ikr