If you want to be free this is where to be!


  • Mild short summers, no one will have to work in the heat.  Pleasant weather to work in.
  • Long, cold winters, good time to harvest all of your crops.
  • Less diseases than in the warmer colonies, less chance that you will get sick.
  • Fertile rich pasture for cattle, cattle has many uses such as dairy products and meat.
  • Many forests for timber, which is very useful for making boats and houses.
  • Cliffs provide good ports, which is a very efficient and useful way to handle goods.


  • Made a living by fishing, whaling and shipbuilding.  Whale oil is very valuable and will make you a lot of money.  Many job opportunities such as being a fishermen, building ships, etc.
  • They planted corn, pumpkins, rye, squash and beans.  This easy farming requires no hassle for slaves and gives you hearty crops to last the winter.
  • Kept cattle on pasture land, lots of land to raise cattle.
  • Forested timber for lumber.  Very useful for building homes and ships.
  • They trapped fur which provided great clothing for the winter.



  • Native Americans helped the first settlement survive winter.
  • Many friendly tribes.  No Native American attacks.


  • They are no slaves because we don't have any farms and the farming is plentiful and easy.  This requires no hassle for slaves.


  • Laws were based on religious beliefs.  If you're tired of the kings religion come to Massachusetts where you can practice your own beliefs.
  • Lived entire life around religious beliefs.  The place to be where you can dedicate your time to what you believe in.

If You Want to be Free This is Where to be!


  • All of them came from New England.
  • The Pilgrims were strict catholics.
  • The Pilgrims passed down their traditional Thanksgiving holiday.


  • Everyone that comes to Massachusetts is from England.

Type of Government Formed:

  • Their government was a theocracy, which means the laws and government were based on religion.
  • Ruled by ministers who believed they received power from gods.
  • Only white men were considered well to be part of the government.

Reason for Colonization:

  • Pilgrims and Puritans came to North America to practice their own religion.  You can practice your own religion too!
  • A place for them and you to come and practice your own religion!

If You Want to be Free This is Where to be!

Fun Facts:

  • Many mountains to take hikes on during a day off.
  • Beautiful beaches to spend your day at.
  • Vast oceans giving you a beautiful view.
  • A very scenic and peaceful environment.

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