Differentiated Instruction

Everyone is unique. Let's celebrate their uniqueness!

Various learning styles

Not one person is alike. Having said so it is important for us to acknowledge that we all learn in a variety of ways. A useful strategy is to take a learning style quiz and keep it handy so that we both (teacher/student or parent/child) know which methods work best. Display an image similar to the one above to have a visual of how many variations there are.

What is your learning style?

The image below is what will you will be doing momentarily. Let's see who can guess what type of quiz you will be doing.

Looking at this image, what do you think you will be doing? That's right you are going to do a learning style quiz, this will tell you what your learning style is which will help you not only in school but also in everyday life.

Are you Kinesthetic?




Hmm...So many more...

How can Tackk help differentiate the classroom?

Tackk gives you the ability to present information in a very simple way. It is appealing to the eye and allows you to add a number of features to the content being presented. The ability to add text, videos, photos, audio to name a few all help in reaching students who have different learning styles. A tool that meets the needs of many students at once, what more could we ask for as educators. Tackk's easy interface also makes it easy for students to use and allows them to display their content in a creative manner. Why wouldn't you use Tackk?

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