Burundi Protest

Vanessa Padilla


Personal and Social Ethics(6

May 4, 2015

                                       Burundi Protest Resumes Summary

People of Burundi are outraged that their president has decided to take up a third term of his presidency. The people are outraged that he is taking a third term because they find it a violation of the Arusha Agreement. As of May 4th the protest became violent when police shot three people who were later dead, but the police is in denial of shooting them. 12 people have died since the protest began, but things have only been getting worse. The main opponents during this protest are the citizens of Burundi and its government--mainly their president.Since this has become a problem the US has intervened to try to make things calm. The conflict is being conducted through their own police force which has threatened citizens and have even shot at them. As of right now there have been no solutions to solve this problem because it had just happened twenty four hours ago and people are just so outraged with the presidents decision.

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