Video Game Designer

Kemual J.
May 1st, 2014
Mrs. Edwards
Hunt High School

Project Purpose: Become more familiar with Video Game Designing and go to NC State University to earn my degree there. and vacareerview.or

Career Information

Ultimate goal is to be a video game designer.

College Information for NC State University

Description: Prepare sketches of ideas, detailed drawings, illustrations, artwork, or blueprints, using drafting instruments, paints and brushes, or computerized design equipment.

I might want to pursue this career because I have a strong passion for sketching and game designing.

Beginning Salary:


Highest Salary:


Average Salary:


How many years will it take to reach this goal? What kind of degree is required?

It will take four years to reach this goal and a bachelor's degree is required.

North Carolina State University

I want to go to NC State University to receive my bachelor's degree. This school is located in Raleigh.


Not living on the campus cost around $17,836

Living on the campus cost around  $30,393

Ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at NC State University


A few other colleges that offer this Degree

NC State University, Michigan State University, and Syracuse University.

Chemistry is a requirement to be admitted into this college, but chemistry will not be required to earn a degree in Video Game Design. The minimum high school GPA to qualify is a 2.5.

Other classes in high school to help you pursue this career

Art, Game designing, and mathematics.

Other degrees offered at NC State University

Graphic Design, Sports Management, Network Engineering

Best Thing About This

I got to do things with a website I never done before.

I chose this face because I never heard of this website before and it's awesome. I wish I would of heard of it earlier.

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