Week of January 26, 2015

Here is a look at the week ahead:

Monday, January 26th: Happy Monday to everyone! Besides a few ARD's throughout the day, it looks like a fairly normal Monday. Might I suggest you review the fire drill procedures with your class after morning announcements? Hint, hint.....

Tuesday, January 27th: Benchmark testing for 4th and 5th grade - while this is only a "practice run," please be respectful of these students testing when passing in the hallways to fine arts and when using the restrooms.

Traci will be off campus in the morning at a meeting and I will be off campus in the afternoon. TELPAS training will be held in the Library at 3:15 for those of you who will be rating students (you know who you are!).

Wednesday, January 28th: 4th grade will still be Benchmark testing today. Again, please keep this in mind when moving through the hallways. I will be in Austin today and Thursday at the Principal's Institute. Traci will be here so you are in good hands...just like Allstate. :)

Thursday, January 29th: Today is the "Soup"er Bowl" Luncheon sponsored by 4th grade. Enjoy! I will be in Austin at the Principal's Institute again today.

Friday, January 30th: TGIF! The McKamy Orchestra will be visiting at 1:30 and performing in the gym for 1st and 5th grade. At the end of the day, please feel free to leave and start your weekend once you are sure all your kiddos have connected with their rides home.

That's all I have right now - Please let me know if I have left out anything important!
Have a wonderful week!