By: Brenden Gaumer & Sarabia Williams

Opponents of ratification of the Constitution and of a strong central government generally.

Geographically: Most Anti-federalists came from backcountry regions from Maine through Georgia and part of Massachusetts. They were mainly farmers and relatively poor people.

Anti-federalists believed that the Constitution was an "aristocratic document."

However, they were wrong in this assumption because Federalists came from all backgrounds, such as from prosperous New York City as well as rural New Jersey.  They also believes that under the Constitution, the congress would "impose barriers against commerce," and would not ensure a "frequent rotation of office."

One of the Anti-federalists biggest issues was that of the Bill of Rights. They refused ratification of the COnstitution unless a bill of rights was included.

Patrick Henry was the leader of the Anti-federalists. Some of his quotes during the debate include:

Henry was previously famous for crying "Give me liberty or give me death!" when rallying support for the revolution against the British.

"Liberty, the greatest of earthly possessions...that precious jewel!"

Henry was important in the enforcing of a bill of rights.

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