Getting Started?


Students being surveyed


Each group of students went to a class and surveyed a total of about 30-40 students. There we a total of at least 40 questions; quantitative and qualitative questions. Many students left answer choices blank which counted as invalid. After we got the surveys back we had to create a histogram, frequency table, find mode for qualitative, find mean, median, mode, and range for quantitative.

What is Qualitative?

Qualatative is data that can be placed into categories (DESCRIPTIVE).

What is Quantitative?

Quantitative is data in the form of measurements of numerical values.

Determining Mean, Median, Mode, & Range

With all the data we gathered from the surveys for both quantitative and qualitative, I discovered the mean for qualitative was leopard print; the mean for quantitative was 2.3, for median was 2, mode was 2, range was 5, and standard deviation was 1.4

What is your favorite print? (Qualitative)

a. Zebra

b. Leopard

c. Tiger

d. Floral

E. Pattern

Why did i chose this question?

I chose this question because i thought it would be very interesting to know. It would really make people wonder, hmm what is my favorite print?

How many A's did you make this semester?

17% of the students surveyed made 1 A, 21% of the students made 2 A's, 13% of the students made 3 A's, 17% of the students made 4 A's, 3% made 5 A's, 10% made an 0, 18% of the students decided not answer to the question.


I didn't expect for so many students to have not have at least ONE A, but overall plenty people did have a lot of A's, which is fantastic. Also more people liked pattern print i would have thought more people would like tiger or leopard being that it is so popular now. I really enjoyed this project it was mind stimulating !!!!

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