Cool Things About Windows 7

Useful tips on using Windows 7 to it's fullest

There are a lot of useful tools that have been added to Windows over the years and Windows 7 has some really good additions. Below is a list of many of the new additions to Windows 7.

  • Snipping Tool
  • Sticky notes
  • Magnifier
  • Sound Recorder
  • Remote Assistance
  • Problem Steps Recorder
  • Disc Image Burner
  • Souped up calculater
  • finding other country themes
  • "GodMode" folder

When I got Windows 7 on my computer I got a surprise, I found it had a Disc Image Burner.  Instead of downloading Image Burn I decided to give it a try, it's a good basic image burner. To find the image burner, right click on an ISO and open with Windows Disc Image Burner.  See below.

The Snipping Tool is also a new addition I heard of in Windows 7.  It's a great way of taking a screen shots to get a close up.  Just type snipping tool from the Windows start menu. Very useful and easy to use.

Just like the Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes is easy to find and use, just type it into the start menu.  Maybe not as useful as the snipping tool but still a good addition.

The magnifier (below) is used by pressing the Windows key and the + button at the same time. To get things back to normal size pressing Windows + -.  There are 3 different wiews: fullscreen, lens, and docked.  The second picture is in lens mode.

Type Sound Record into the start menu and it will bring up the record feature.  This may need some work, when I tried it the playback was barely audible.

Windows Remote Assistance comes in handy if you need help and someone who can help you with a Windows problem.  Once again, it is accesses through the start menu.

The Problem Steps Recorder can be found by typing psr or the full name in the start menu area.  If you are having a problem, you turn it on and it will record the steps you make and creates a file of those steps.

The additions they made for the calculator are really useful. There is the basic standard calculator, scientific, programmer, and statistics.  On the right hand side you can view Unit conversions, data calculations, and worksheets, which includes figuring out your mortgage, vehicle lease, and fuel economy.

For those who like to change the look of their computer there is a way to get to  different themes in Windows 7.  Type C:\Windows\Globalization into the start menu and click on Globalization in the upper part of the menu.  What comes up is ELS and Sorting in the name column.  In the upper right search type in MCT.  You should see the image below.  

Below is a picture from the South African (ZA) section.

One other little trick is placing your control panel type controls all under one icon.  To do this you create a file any where you want to and name it, GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.  When you hit enter the numbers go away and you icon changes and should look like this:

The link below describes some more tips.  Aero Shake, along with other Aero features are in the video.  

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